25 ways you can increase traffic to your website

Traffic for your business website means customers. The more the traffic, the higher the chances of most of the visitors buying your goods or paying for the services. However, you will have to do more to attract traffic to your website.

We are going to look into ways through which you can increase the traffic to your website.

1. Advertisement

Advertising your website should be the first thing you do before anything. You can advertise the website through social media, paid searches as wells as display ads.  Advertising pays off greatly in terms of attracting visitors and building a brand for the site.

However, paid advertising can be expensive as you try to outbid your competitors.

Nicheonlinetraffic.com is a great source to buy real website visitors at a reasonable cost as it drives referral traffic that is most relevant to your niche.

2. Promote your content through social media channels

Through social media, you can reach out to your followers. You can use Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook or Google+. You just need to come up with something tempting to draw your viewers to click and see more.

Google+ also helps in personalizing search results which can be great especially if you are dealing with B2B products.

For B2C products, you should try out social media channels like Instagram and Pinterest since they heavily depend on images.

3. Post a variety of content on the website

You should understand that different people have different taste. Therefore, you should try to have a mixture of content on your website so as to capture the attention of as many visitors as possible. For instance, there are those that love reading short article pieces while others love long elaborate pieces. Also, there are some who love infographics while others prefer videos.

4. Come up with compelling headlines

One way of getting a visitor to stay longer is having an irresistible headline. They always keep the visitor/reader wanting to know more. A catchy headline will instill a thurst in your visitors to know more about what you mean by your headline.

If your headlines are not attractive most of your posts may even go unread or even unnoticed.

It is always a common practice to write a number of headlines before settling on the specific one.

5. Use On-Page SEO

Another effective way of increasing traffic to your website is by optimizing the content for the search engines. You can do so by using keywords which are mostly searched in the search engines. You should also use internal links and also use Meta descriptions with relevant keywords.

Actually, there are some SEO plugins, like Yoast if you are using WordPress, which you can use to optimize your content before publishing it.

6. Emphasize on Long tail keywords

Long tail keywords are the words which are very specific to what you are offering. When internet users search for such words, they are most likely searching for something they are going to buy.

Therefore, targeting them gives you a higher chance of converting your leads to sales.

7. Guest blogging

Some people find it quite involving to do guest posting on other peoples websites. But actually, that can help in directing the traffic of the website that you are guest posting for to your website.  You just have to secure a guest post on a reputable website.

However, you should avoid using spammy tactics since you could end up being penalized heavily for that.

8. Invite bloggers to guest post on your website

Apart from guest posting on other websites, you should also allow other bloggers to guest post on your website too. The bloggers will most likely share the links to their blogs in their social media or in other blogs to gain viewers and your website will benefit from the traffic.

However, you should be strict to avoid bloggers from posting plagiarized content on your website.

9. Attract referral traffic

Begging other websites to link to your website is one way but coming up with content that makes other websites link to it. With top-notch content, other websites will have no other option than linking it to their website so as to appeal to their visitors.

10. Use LinkedIn

Okay! We have talked about using social media, but we can talk enough about LinkedIn.

LinkedIn has become a world leader in professional social networking. It creates opportunities for professionals to get new jobs and it also offers a great opportunity for getting your content out there to be read by professionals.

11. Using Microdata

You should also try and use microdata with metadata since they make searching easier by helping in the crawling of the search engines.

It will not directly increase visitors to your site, but it will help the search engine robots in finding and indexing your website pages.

12. Use internal links

In addition to having other sites link back to you, you should also have internal links that link between your content. You can link one article to another or an article to your product or service.

This increases traffic and also creates a good user experience since they can comprehensively go through all the important information that you may have on the website.

13. Publish interviews with market leaders

Everyone is looking to get information from trusted sources and one of the most trusted sources in media is interviews. You may think it is hard, but just send out emails to the market leaders and you will be astonished how many actually want to have the interview. In a way, the interview also builds their profile and they would be willing to have as many interviews as possible.

One of the main advantages of this strategy is that the interviewee will also most likely post or link to the interview in their social media.

14. Email marketing

Don’t be too much into content marketing and end up forgetting traditional methods like email marketing. You should get a way of personalizing the information so that the recipients end up feeling they are valued and want to build a more trustworthy experience with the website.

However, you should also avoid bombarding people with too many emails since it would feel unprofessional. Ensure you maintain professionalism.

If you sell something to a customer, you already know their taste and you could update them whenever something new that you think they would like comes up.

15. Make your site responsive

Nowadays, people are accessing websites on their smartphones more than they do on their PCs. Therefore, ensure that your website is optimized for viewing on smartphones and more so the smaller smartphones.

16. Ensure your site is fast

A visitor will not wait for a site to load for 1 minute. Even 30 seconds already feels too boring to wait.

The site should open in milliseconds. The faster the website, the more the visitors will find it easy to go through the pages and in the process find something they can buy or pay for.

17. Build a community

Building a community on your website makes it easy to hold conversations. Also, the members of the community act as an easy target whenever you have something new. Therefore, you should also major on enlarging the community to include as many people as possible and from as many places as possible.

You should also expand the means through which your community members can give feedback. You can include as many social media channels as possible. Also, you can have a forum for people to ask questions.

18. Make thoughtful comments on other websites within the same industry

By making comments that are thought-provoking on various sites around the same industry, will make a name for you. You will end up having a large following which you can easily link back to your website by dropping a link to your website in one or more of the comments.

19. Keep track of your analytics data

The analytics data gives you a view of how your site fairs. It gives you an insight into the most visited pages and also gives you the demographics of the visitors.

You should use the data to learn what your visitors want and at what time they visit so that you can be active at that time.

20. Become active on social media

Promoting your content on social media alone will not help. You should become more active in the social media community. Join as many social media discussions as possible. For example, if you have a twitter account, you should join group discussions that have hashtags relevant to your website.

21. Submit data to Aggregator websites

Aggregator websites collect data about other sites and put that data together so that users can easily locate the data. By providing content to aggregator sites, you will stand a better chance of getting visitors from the aggregator sites too.

Examples of such sites are Reddit and Quora.

22. Use videos

There is nothing that is eye-catching as videos. Most people find themselves clicking onto videos just to see what it is all about.  Visual content tends to create higher information retention in the brain than text-based content.

23. Understand your competitors

You have to research and know who your competitors are and what they are doing so that you can find a way of doing things better them. You could software like BuzzSumo to find out about your competitors.

By knowing your competitors, you will also be able to know the kind of topics that your customers might like.

24. Webinars

In the current world, everybody is looking to learn an extra thing and webinars are perfect ways of learning.

Therefore, you would earn a good amount of traffic by hosting webinars. You can send out an email on a weekly or biweekly basis inviting people for webinars. You can have words like “last chance to register for the webinar on them” just some days before the webinar date.

You should promote your webinars as much as possible through social media.

25. Speaking at conferences

Apart from attending conferences, you can ask for a chance to speak at those conferences so as to stump your foot in the industry and gain trust among your followers. That way, you will establish yourself as a thought leader and your site will end up getting enough exposure.


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