What eCommerce Owners, Managers and Directors should know in the time of Coronavirus


Probably, you have heard this already that eCommerce sector will take the boost because of COVID-19 Coronavirus. We are sure you agree with this statement but you need some clarification in detail about this.

From past a few months, we have read countless articles and case studies of different businesses from top affecting countries from COVID-19 to help you read all the most important relevant case studies in one place.

It happened before also-

Before we begin we should understand that with the similar case in 2002 & 2003 SARS crisis, Alibaba and JD.com both grew significantly.

Customer’s behavior is changing – Unlike before, now customers prefer to buy products online instead of visiting the stores instead of longer delivery windows.

eGrocery – The eGrocery  has registered awesome growth during this outbreak. The Meituan Dianping an on-demand local services company said that the sales of raw foods, sea foods, meats and vegetables have been tripled.

Food – The demand of food through online channels in increased rapidly. Some restaurants are also offering semi-cooked foods for their customers if they want to stay home and cook the food by themselves.

Delivery – Several food delivery services have been grown in the China and several other parts of World. Millions of restaurants are open but they are not able to handle orders because of the less number of delivery boys. The demand of delivery related services are significantly increased.

Flexible labour – Companies are giving jobs of on-role labours by letting them work in different companies. The Omnichannel players like Ele, Meituan and JD’s 7fresh has followed this process to fulfill their demands.

Insurance – The Insurance sector is increased growth during this season. We hope the process will continue for the coming years as well.

Healthcare – JD has launched the online consultation services with the doctors and started an online tool to help patients with chronic diseases maintain their drug supply.


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