Top 10 Useful Websites You May Not Know About


The Internet is always up with something new daily, and sometimes it becomes hard to know everything that is popping up. That’s why there are sites you don’t know about, yet they are crucial in daily life. The Internet has become very useful as a learning resource and entertainment center.

No matter the internet ninja you are, you cannot go through all the websites. Ranging from music to videos, home improvement to productivity, food to shopping, education to travel and hey, fun & games are also included. According to a Web Server Survey study by Netcraft, by 2018 September there were almost 1.7 billion online websites. The following are some useful websites you may not know about:

If you are preparing for an interview, you don’t hesitate from clicking on this site. It gives free access to various interview experiences. You can get tips for conducting an interview if you have a company. You will learn what is expected in an interview from the history of the company, office locations, facts, products, office photos, and services.

How To Do Things

Sometimes you need to know a certain thing very urgently. All questions start with “How to”. They make the site very entertaining. Whether you are looking for how to buy traffic for your website or how to make your content relevant, this site will give sufficient information. You can always turn to this site.

This website is basically for Indian updates in technology, business, internet, education, tourism, etc. You can buy internet traffic and be updated on the happening around you. This will enable you to come up with quality content on your site that creates tangible traffic.

If you want to create traffic for your website, you can decide to be sending customized emails to your audiences. This site will help you get free and personalized email addresses that are not only secure but flexible.


This is a great site where you can get qualified personnel and freelancers to work for you. Whether you need your website content to be optimized or to make your marketing for effective, you can hire these people.


Technology, Entertainment, and Design usually manage this, and mostly used in the YouTube. It is basically for spreading ideas that need attention. Ted-Ed is for educating the people across the globe. You can boost your website traffic by putting your content on this site. If it is worth it, then be sure the site will spread your content.


Sometimes you need to spread essential information about your business or company to your esteemed customers who are not well conversant with a certain language. This is where DuoLingo will enable you to send your message to them in 18 diverse languages.

Free Rice

As funny as the website may sound, it is very useful in helping you come up with quality content that has an excellent command of English. This site receives support from the WFP who uses the food to serve the impoverished countries. It’s a great site to improve your grammar.

This enables you to record your videos or any file and upload it on YouTube.


No matter what your website is dealing with, the above websites can enable you to have high converting traffic on your website.


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