Simple Hacks to Get Quality Backlinks for Your Site

The elements that add up so that a site can rank in the first page in Google still remain a mystery to many website owners. This has led many to spend their dollars to either buy organic traffic or optimize their videos. One of the factors that make you appear among the first 10 SERPs is backlink. It has been in use for long and is a great way that can make you grow organic traffic in your site.

Though Google has used it for years as one of the SEO tactics used in ranking, you have to be very careful when using it else you may get penalized by Google. Backlinks are useful in various search engines in determining how reliable and trustworthy a website is. Typically, the more the links pointing to your website, the higher the probability of ranking in the search engine because it is considered credible.

When many noticed the usefulness of backlinks in ranking, they used dubious means in acquiring the ranks. Nevertheless, Google didn’t take long before noticing the manipulation thus hiking up their strategy and making it more serious. There are no more shoddy link-building strategies. This means if you can use clean and valid ways to do your links, you can boost your credibility and ranking. But what makes quality backlinks?

Components of Quality Backlinks

  • Authority of the domain – You must get a backlink from a site that has the authority and is more reliable. The more authority a site has, the more relevant your backlink will be.

  • The relevance – Don’t get a link to your content from sites that are irrelevant. This could be one of the reasons why some sites get penalized in Google for using irrelevant links.

  • Using nofollow links – These are important in avoiding spamming in your site. It can be good if you can strike a balance between nofollow and dofollow backlinks.

  • Using natural links – Left with Google, any unnatural link goes against its guidelines. Links should always appear naturally in the content.

  • Linking keywords that are in the URL of the page.

Having known the elements that make quality backlinks, how do you further make the backlinks more qualitative? Well, the above can help you out, but there are two major keys that will enable your site to get quality backlinks. You build backlinks in the following ways:

Having quality content

Without relevant content, your website and linking will be junky. You must make your content qualitative for the backlinks to be relevant. After you have known you are having tangible content on the table, you need to promote it. There is no magic, about backlinks. You can use infographics to make your content marketing easier.

According to a study, our brains take quarter a second for it to process visual content. And having known the concentration span of your website users and audience is only 8 seconds, you have to create visually integrated content. You can come up with a list of authority influencers and reach out to them if you have quality content.

Consider your competitors

You don’t ignore your competitors; you have to analyze their profiles very well and the links they use. You need to identify them, view their links, and pick the best link from the competitor’s list.


A backlink is one major ranking factor that has been used by search engines for long. Nevertheless, for them to make an impact, you need to make them quality. If you make a high-authority site, then you can be confident that you will soon rank high. Linking those forgotten sites is a great way to create traffic.

After you are thorough in building quality backlinks, you can buy internet traffic to boost your presence in the search engines. You can be the next on the line and appear on the first page on Google and other search engines.


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