10 Free and Paid Tools you can use to Increase Your Website Traffic | Helpful Tips for Marketing Your Business Online

In this day and age, the online landscape for any business can prove to be challenging and competitive. Whether you are a brick and mortar business or an online business, everyone is vying for attention online. With so many methods and options to market your website, we have compiled a list of 10 things – Free or Paid, you can implement now that would drive more traffic to your website.

1) Facebook Re-marketing

It helps you by retargeting the customers who have already visited your website. You save money since you do not have to take a guess on the people who ‘will’ be interested. Instead, you show ads to people who are interested. – PAID


2) Email Marketing

Target the right customer with the right email copy and you can make each email a potential sale. However, this is not as easy as it sounds. You will have to do a lot of homework. – FREE and PAID



3) Guest Posts

Guest Posts are a popular way to introduce yourself to a new set of audience. However, finding a platform to guest post can be challenging. Learn about finding the right website to guest post and how to approach these websites with a post for them to publish under your name. – FREE and PAID


4) Social Media 

Social Media can be automated up to a great extent using the right tools. However, you will first need to know what you are trying to achieve. For starters, check out IFTTT. – FREE and PAID


5) SEO

On-Site SEO is still the number one choice of people looking to build a quality and free source of traffic. It is tricky, time consuming but a fruitful activity. You can read a lot about on-site SEO on Yoast. – FREE



6) Reddit

Subreddits are the hardest to use for marketing but if you can be a part of the community, respect others, participate selflessly and win hearts – there is no source mightier than a subreddit. – FREE


7) Buy Organic Traffic

You can even buy organic traffic for your website which comes from sources like parked pages, PPC and so on. This traffic is safe for your website and actually helps in increasing conversions. – PAID


8) Linkedin Groups

LinkedIn groups like Subreddits are hard to crack. You have to participate and be an active contributor of the group to let the group owners accept your link and other marketing activities. However, it is easier to tame than a subreddit. – FREE


9) Quantcast

Quantcast is a tool that exactly tells you the kind of people who visit your website. Once you know the exact demographics of your website, you can start creating your content around it. This will ultimately lead to a loyal following which is better than SEO traffic. – FREE and PAID


10) SEO Spy Glass

SEO Spy Glass will help you uncover backlinking opportunities by uncovering your competitor’s backlink profile. This means that not only will you know your competitor’s weakness, you will have access to places that they use to strengthen their presence. – FREE and PAID





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